On commercial sites, Thermal Imaging is conducted every 12 months. Ecofit Electrical is very experienced in this field. We provide our clients with a detailed report outlining any faults that need to be rectified. The report also outlines in detail any circuits that are at their limitation and provides images on all distribution boards.

Thermal Imaging is regarded as the most powerful, remote, non-intrusive inspection technique accessible to ascertain the integrity and safety of electrical equipment.

Thermography is the measurement of Infrared energy radiated from a surface. Thermal imaging cameras use software to convert the detected energy into temperature. The resulting information is displayed as an image called a Thermogram. The temperatures identified by the camera are then analysed by one of Ecofit Electricals’ highly trained thermographers, allowing them to identify any faults or thermal exceptions in the condition of the equipment.

When any one of the following areas of concern is present in a switchboard, it can generate excess heat and stress on the board, and left undetected can cause a full or partial power outage to the building that can be very disruptive for your tenants:

  • Loose terminals
  • Undersized cables
  • Faulty fuses or circuit breakers
  • Incorrectly fitted components